Van Insert Modules

What is a Van Insert Module?

• A typical van insert is comprised of 4 cells, each can seat two prisoners with the middle cell seating 4 for a total of up to 10 prisoners.
• The foremost cell is on the road side behind the driver with a single door opening into a foyer.
• The middle is situated in front for the rear wheels and span the width of the van.
• The rear two cells are divide along he van’s centreline with door opening towards the rear.
• The internal dividing walls contains are lexan over box-tube framing.
• The rear OEM door skins are removed and replaced with aluminum skins with storage bins.
• The rear cells have internal doors with L-style handles and 3-point latches and are also secure with additional padlock tabs.
• A Van Insert Incarceration Insert Module, otherwise referred to as a “Van Insert", is a custom manufactured system of cells designed to be installed within a Extended length passenger van (like a ford Transit), once the factory seats have been removed.
• Factory doors serve as the weather seal as well as a secondary measure of security. The forward portion of the cage is separated from the officer compartments with a secure bulkhead that includes thick lexan windows for visibility.
• Each cell security door is made up of clear lexan over aluminum framework to allow visibility while maintaining cell security.
• Emergency exists are made in similar fashion to the secure doors, but can only open inward, and only when the factory rear windows have been smashed and the locking fasteners have been cut with bolt-cutters.
• Cells include both white and red LED internal illumination.
• Security is enhanced by preventing persons from outside the incarceration modules to be able to look into the cells. This prevention is achieved by means of double tinting the external windows. Minimal light transmission is permitted through the glass in order to improve prisoner comfort.
• Prisoner Comfort is managed by upgrading the OEM HVAC system with an auxiliary compressor, condenser and evaporator and a custom air duct directly into the cells in order to exchange fresh and stagnant air and maintain safe and comfortable cell temperatures.
• Other features which most often accompany an van insert build are ground effects lighting, an equipment console with lock box for firearm and ammunition storage, a switch panel, a video surveillance system with multiple simultaneous views, a back-up camera system, upgraded amber hazard lights, rear access steps and in some case an emergency lights and siren system with controller.